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It's not just about emailTwo things I really enjoy about my job are:

1) Working with the Oracle Eloqua platform allows for unrivaled flexibility. You can make Eloqua do things that no other marketing automation is capable of. This is great because it allows organizations to really use the platform as the central hub for all marketing activities.

2) I work with a diverse group of clients that cut across industries, product lines, and business practices. This means I get to hear from a lot of really smart marketers on any given day.

One of the things I’ve been hearing a lot as I talk with our clients is the desire to be multi-channel or omni-channel. Savvy marketers have realized that, while elaborate email campaigns are great, there’s more that can be done. How much more effective would your marketing efforts be if you were able to reach people through different mediums and throughout different points of their day? Wouldn’t that improve your chances of closing a deal? Fortunately, Oracle Eloqua can handle so much more than just emailing marketing. It supports integrations with third party applications, with ease.

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Oracle Marketing AppCloud Infographic

Are you one of the 85% of Oracle Marketing Cloud customers that are leveraging the AppCloud? If not, why not? Take the plunge. Elevate your investment in the platform with apps that can increase efficiency, improve your demand generation efforts and quite simply, make you look awesome.

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Calculating The Top 10 Marketing Metrics

“Marketing Measurement is the 1 percent of effort that is the 99 percent of value for justifying spending in the future.”
- Mark Jeffery, Kellogg School of Management

For the average modern marketer, there are a million things you could be spending your time on. One day, it’s developing a nurturing campaign and the next it’s updating the website with the latest product changes. With all the demands on our time, we need to make sure we’re focusing our efforts on the things that really matter to business growth. At the end of the day, your boss’s boss doesn’t care that you wrote a killer subject line that bumped open rates by 20%. He/she wants to know how well the business is doing, and it’s your job to provide this information.

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Modern Marketing Dream TeamI have a friend who’s a professor of marketing at a local university. One day we were talking, and a question popped into my head.  I asked him, “Mark, do students majoring in marketing have to take any courses on writing web code like HTML, CSS or Javascript?”

Mark replied, “No.”

“What about database structures, data architecture, or scripting like SQL?”

“No, they don’t learn any of that either.”

“What about design tools like the Adobe Creative Suite?”

Mark thought for a second. “No, I don’t believe that’s required in any classes I can think of.”

“Marketing automation, CRM, BI tools?” I asked.

“Nope, not those either,” he responded.

The conversation continued along this path for several more minutes. I was amazed. I wondered how anyone coming out of college gets a job in marketing. I know if I graduated in 2014, I would be up a creek without a paddle!

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Twin Cities Oracle Marketing Cloud User GroupWe had a full house at the October user group, including several new faces!

Mike Bernard, Relationship One’s Oracle Marketing Cloud Practice Director, covered the Fall Release in detail. If you haven’t had a chance to review the Fall Release, check out a summary here: Fall Eloqua Release – Little things make a BIG impact.

Desiree Quinn from Ameripride teamed up with Relationship One’s consultant Teshon Dyer to present Ameripride’s CASL opt-in campaign. The campaign was executed through Eloqua and involved a custom solution for the fulfillment of a download offer. This presentation offered great inspiration and insightful learnings for the marketers in the room.

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Eloqua MaintenanceI’ll admit it. When my husband and I purchased our home in 2012, I drove to the closest Barnes & Noble and picked up Home Maintenance for Dummies. We had previously lived in a town house, so a majority of the outside maintenance was managed by the association. The upkeep tasks for the interior might not have received the attention they should have. Our new home offered a fresh start and, with this book, I would become the best homeowner in the neighborhood.

I made it through 17 of 388 pages.

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To Forecast or to Predict

“The goal of forecasting is not to predict the future but to tell you what you need to know to make meaningful action in the present.” – Paul Saffo

In the marketing sphere, there is a lot of buzz about forecasting and predictive analytics. Are they the same? Do they provide the same answer to the question: What will happen in the future?

Although it’s a bit cliché to start a dispute by stating a definition, it will put us all on the same playing field. So here it goes:

John Galt Solutions, Inc. defines Forecasting as concentrating on using the past to predict the future by identifying trends, patterns, and business drives within the data to develop a forecast. Examples include: predicting weather patterns, forecasting sales for a particular time period or calculating the outcome of a football game before it is played.

Techopedia defines Predictive Analytics as describing a range of statistic analysis used for developing models that may be used to predict future events or behaviors. Examples include: determining customer behavior, identifying patients that are at risk of certain medical conditions or identifying fraud behavior.

So, what’s the difference?

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3-Step Process for Moving from Metrics to Holistic AnalyticsImagine this scenario. You’re coming off of an awesome weekend. The weather was great. You got to hang out with your best friends. The kids got along. There was no traffic on the way to work. You’re feeling good. You click the “up” button for the elevators in the office lobby. The doors open…you enter…and you realize your CEO is on the elevator with you. You smile. He turns to you and says, “Good morning. How are things in the marketing department these days?” Now, you’re feeling pretty confident after the great weekend and you’ve really been digging into the marketing metrics lately so you proudly respond, “We’ve improved email open rates by 15%, and 200 people visited our booth at the last trade show.” He frowns and says nothing. The doors open, and you get off.

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Impelling. Flashy. Insightful.

These are some of the words used to describe the October Twin Cities Tableau User Group. The theme for this month’s user group was hands-on as speakers gave impelling and interactive stories that kept all in attendance engaged. Thank you to all that attended. We hope that you were able to connect with Tableau enthusiasts and take away actionable insight.

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2014 Eloqua Fall Release BlogIf you’re like me, you will look like this when you learn what’s included in the Oracle Eloqua Fall Release. I’m a marketing geek to the core which means I totally geek-out when Oracle Eloqua pushes out functionality that makes my life (and our customers’ lives) easier. Thankfully, I’m surrounded by marketing geeks at Relationship One. So, when I shared my enthusiasm for the most recent release elements, it was met with other “That is awesome!” reactions.

Though they may seem like small changes, here are the features and enhancements that produced the largest geek-out moments, for me.

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