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Quosity-BlogToday we’re excited to announce the release of the new and improved Quosity for Oracle Eloqua! We’ve collected a lot of valuable feedback from our customers over the past several months that has helped us develop dashboards packed with new functionality and insight that helps marketers see and understand their Eloqua data. Here’s a look at some of the key enhancements.

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closed-loop-reportingImagine for a moment that you are browsing your favorite online store. It doesn’t matter if the store is Target or Neiman Marcus; no judgement here. Now, envision yourself finding a few items that you love. You quickly add them to your “shopping cart,” checkout, and eagerly await your virtual receipt with tracking information. Your phone “dings” with a new email message. Yay! You check your order confirmation email only to find the following note: “We can’t guarantee that your purchase will result in your receipt of the expected product.”

As unbelievable as that seems, it’s an extreme analogy for how many executives feel about marketing spend. As marketers, we invest money, time, and resources on marketing automation programs with the goal of increasing revenue, customer lifetime value and retention. In many cases, dollars are invested in various demand generation, lead nurturing, and retention efforts without proof of real return. As much as we would love to see the fruits of our labor and report on key metrics, it’s not always clear where to start, or even what is required. We continually hear the term “closed-loop reporting,” and although it sounds like the exact solution to our problem, it remains an elusive target to many.

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New-to-eloquaIf you’re new to Oracle Eloqua, be assured you are in good company. The process of moving to a new system, especially one as robust as Eloqua, can be overwhelming at first, but it gets easier. Marketing automation platforms like Eloqua were developed to increase marketing productivity, create a better customer experience and evaluate your marketing activities. I have been in your particular situation before, and if you like a challenge, you will thrive. Based on my experience, I’ve created a checklist for new users that will help you get on the road to success straight away.

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Twin Cities Oracle Marketing Cloud User GroupTwin Cities-based Oracle Marketing Cloud customers met at the Relationship One Minneapolis office this week for the bi-monthly user group.

Attendees shared updates and announcements including job opportunities at their respective companies. The user group event continues to be a great opportunity for networking within this tight community. Also discussed were upcoming Oracle Marketing Cloud events including the Modern Marketing Mashup in Minneapolis (we’ll be there!) and the Modern Marketing Experience customer conference in London (we’ll be there, too!).

Carol Mendenhall of Thomson Reuters presented her experience with selecting a solution for optimizing lead capture at events. The Tax and Accounting division at TR does 800+ events annually! Attendees learned how the division’s previous state of anecdotal event attribution will be improved with the roll-out of Relationship One’s Lead Capture App, a free app that submits business card captured data into Eloqua quickly and easily. We look forward to hearing the results, Carol!

Erin Rowles of Relationship One presented tips and tricks for deploying event campaigns in Eloqua. We covered the gamut of executional options including the Campaign Canvas and the Event Module, learning gotchas and inside secrets along the way! Also presented were options for organizing and tracking event attendee data with a demo of External Activities. Activities that are not natively seen by Eloqua (like a contact that attended a demo) can be tracked for use in Eloqua campaign reporting using the External Activities function. In addition, this activity can be passed to CRM as campaign-related data.

The feedback we received on the presenters and content was all positive. We love to hear that! For many, it seemed that the focus on event campaigns was very timely.

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public-sectorA couple of weeks ago, I was catching up with an old friend who works in a completely different field than I do, so I was trying to explain what it is that I actually “do” for my job.

After several minutes of me trying to explain some of the complexities of working with a robust software platform like Oracle Eloqua, I could tell he wasn’t totally getting it. I finally said, “We help companies get the most out of the software marketers use to create business opportunities.” Even though he still has no clue about the nuances of using all the functionality of what’s available with a platform like the Oracle Marketing Cloud, I think that explanation made sense to him. One of our consultants does a good job explaining it here.

He let my description set in for a second and asked, “How do you go from working for the government to consulting with businesses on marketing software?” I went on to explain my meandering career path of working in the government, to the non-profit world, and finally on to marketing for tech companies. My story made sense to him, and we moved on.

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Integration-BlogOracle Eloqua can integrate with nearly any CRM or database. How that happens depends on whether a standard integration option exists as well as the unique requirements for the customer. Relationship One has successfully integrated hundreds of Oracle Eloqua instances with CRMs – from the well-known names to homegrown systems. Oracle Eloqua often calls on us to provide solutions for customers that have complex and custom integration needs. While Microsoft Dynamics CRM (any version) is technically categorized as a standard integration, it does have its quarks to consider.

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ChecklistMy first Eloqua campaign. I launched it in 2008 but I remember it like it was yesterday. My email was all set up, tested and had been approved by the product manager. My distribution list (I was using E9 at the time) was created and ready for use. I clicked to ‘Send as Batch’ (again, E9) and nervously completed each step in the wizard. Then, the dreadful last step came upon my screen: Step 5, Review. As my cursor moved towards the “Finish” button, my hand shook like I was in an 8.0 earthquake. Eek! Finish. I held my breath for what felt like days. There’s no “Undo” button. It’s out there. Did I do everything I could have to ensure it was perfect? I think so, but I’m only human!

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query-strings-are-coolQuery string. You may have heard the term before, or perhaps you are new to the concept. For those who are the latter, first things first: what is it?

In a URL, a query string follows a separating character, usually a question mark, with identifying data appearing after.


The “?” identifies when the query strings start. The “src=” and “cmp=” represent the query string parameters. The characters that come after the equals sign, in this case, “Eloqua” and “Welcome,” are the query string values. The “&” represents a break point between the parameter/value pairs.

Query strings can be used on dynamic websites as a means to trigger a query program to recover specific information from a database and populate content on the webpage based on the data provided.

They are also used by website reporting tools like Google Analytics and Omniture for reporting purposes whereby standard or custom query string parameters can be set up with the purpose of tracking specific data about a person’s website visit. Marketers add query strings to URLs used for web-based or email ad campaigns. When visitors click a link with a custom parameter, the unique parameters are tracked within their Google Analytics account so they can identify the campaigns that are most effective in attracting visitors to their content.

With the knowledge of what a query string looks like and common use cases, I’d love to share with you some creative ways that they can be leveraged in Oracle Eloqua.

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Twin Cities Oracle Marketing Cloud User GroupTwin Cities Oracle Marketing Cloud users met in Minneapolis this week to learn about incorporating a tele-qualification strategy in their demand generation and customer retention campaigns. The presentations were followed by a networking happy hour sponsored by OppSource (thanks!).

Attendees heard Mark Galloway, Co-founder and CEO of OppSource, present on best practices for a lead qualification process prior to sales hand-off. An interesting take-away: OppSource’s data shows that a lead is one hundred times more likely to purchase if sales follows up within five minutes of the inquiry. This is when I turned to my business developers in the room and nodded to be sure they knew that I heard that statement. #SLA

Judy Jossi of Slice Consulting and Amy Anderson, Senior Oracle Marketing Cloud Consultant at Relationship One, presented a case study on Red Wing Shoes’ use of tele-qualification in several multi-channel campaigns. Judy was kind enough to share the details of what has worked, what hasn’t worked, and what they’re still testing. “We measure the performance of each tactic but we also use use call data to inform other decisions like PPC and email deploy timeframes ,” said Judy, “My motto: test, test, test.” Amy explained how Red Wing Shoes has leveraged the robust capabilities of Oracle Eloqua to automate these ever-green multi-step, multi-team member campaigns.

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Why-You-Need-MA-BlogI will admit it. I am a total marketing geek. I think about new campaign ideas in the middle of the night. I love learning about the latest marketing technology that’s going to revolutionize how we do business. I dig reading articles about the latest marketing tech companies that get bought up or raise a bunch of venture money. I could talk marketing geek speak all day long and with anyone who’s willing to talk to me. It’s one of the many reasons I love working at Relationship One.

With all this love and excitement for marketing geek-ery, it’s easy to forget that not everyone shares my passion. Even some people who work in marketing don’t share my level of enthusiasm. When I talk with fellow marketers who work at an organization that has a very slim marketing technology stack, I find it odd. I can’t fathom how I would do my job without all the amazing technology I have access to. At the core of this is marketing automation. Whether it’s the best enterprise-level tool, Oracle Eloqua, or a lighter weight tool, the modern marketer needs something to serve as the hub for digital marketing activities. If you aren’t using marketing automation now, but are thinking about it, here are some reasons why you should pull the trigger.

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