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Recap of SoCal Oracle Marketing Cloud User Group – March 30, 2016

By |April 4th, 2016|Eloqua, Marketing, User Groups|

The SoCal Oracle Marketing Cloud User Group met on March 30th at the Oracle Irvine office. We are always happy to announce the event was a success and the agenda was full of marketing experts eager to share their insights, conversational attendees, and hard-hitting topics. As always, if there is anything you missed or would like to review, this is the right spot! Here is a full review of the event and any materials presented throughout. […]

Recap of Twin Cities Oracle Marketing Cloud User Group – March 29, 2016

By |March 30th, 2016|Eloqua, Marketing, User Groups|

On a sunny Tuesday afternoon, Twin Cities modern marketers met at Thomson Reuters’ headquarters for a meeting of the minds. Companies represented at this month’s session included Hallmark, Ameripride, Kroll Ontrack, Red Wing Shoes, vRad, Thomson Reuters (of course!) to name a few. Oracle representatives across the OMC product stack also attended and were able to answer questions and lend credibility to the group. Their support in promoting the event was vital to its success. It was the largest attended user group session to date. Twin Cities represent! […]

Recap of SoCal Oracle Marketing Cloud User Group – February 24, 2016

By |February 26th, 2016|Blog, Eloqua, User Groups|

SoCal users met up in February at the Oracle office in Irvine. Per usual, the event was filled with good presenters, valuable content, and all-star Oracle Marketing Cloud users. It was great to see some new faces in the crowd amongst the usual suspects. If you’re looking for a recap of the event or to review the presentation materials, you’ve come to the right place. […]

Recap of Raleigh Oracle Marketing Cloud User Group – February 4, 2016

By |February 8th, 2016|Blog, Eloqua, User Groups|

On February 4th, the inaugural Raleigh Oracle Marketing Cloud User Group was held at the Oracle office in Research Triangle Park, NC. Since it was the first meeting of its kind, we were not sure what to expect, but were pleased to see strong attendance from seven different companies in the area, even on a miserably rainy day. Oracle representatives across the OMC product stack attended and were able to answer questions and lend credibility to the group. Their support in promoting the event was vital to its success. We could not have asked for a better launch. […]

Recap of Chicago Oracle Marketing Cloud User Group – January 21, 2016

By |January 26th, 2016|Blog, Eloqua, Marketing, User Groups|

New year, same great group and some fresh new faces! The Q1 Chicago User Group met on January 21st at the Morningstar office. It was an informative get-together for attendees packed with an array of updates about the Oracle Eloqua platform and plan out what the year ahead looks like for local user group events. If you weren’t able to attend the event, no worries, we’ve got a recap and a copy of the presentation. Check it out! […]

Utah Oracle Marketing Cloud User Group – December 3, 2015

By |December 10th, 2015|Blog, Eloqua, Marketing, User Groups|

Thank you to all who came and participated in last week’s user group. We had some new faces attend and many returning attendees. Along with covering updates and announcements, we had presentations around the subjects of email marketing maturity and deliverability best practices. […]

Twin Cities Oracle Marketing Cloud User Group – October 27, 2015

By |November 2nd, 2015|Blog, Marketing, User Groups|

Another Twin Cities User Group is officially in the books. Thank you to all who came and participated. The group continues to grow every session, and it’s exciting to see the passion for the platform. We have to start looking for a new place to meet so there’s room for more! In addition to general announcements and updates for us, Oracle Marketing Cloud and audience members, we covered Oracle Eloqua Release updates for Version 474. Tricia Duncan, a marketing analyst at Relationship One, joined Bob Vandenboom from Toro in a presentation of Toro’s use case for Quosity Analytics. This was a definite crowd-pleaser as the group got a walk-through on how Toro gets their data out of Eloqua and into Quosity in order to analyze and communicate information that empowers both internal marketing and their distribution channel partners. Social123’s Liz Miller flew into Minneapolis and joined the user group to share how Eloqua customers are using social data to amplify their marketing campaigns, win Markies and close deals. Our event wrapped up with a lively open forum with discussions that continued into the evening as we transitioned across the street for happy hour (thanks, Social123!). […]

Twin Cities Oracle Marketing Cloud User Group – August 25, 2015

By |August 27th, 2015|Blog, Eloqua, User Groups|

Twin Cities-based Oracle Marketing Cloud customers met at the Relationship One Minneapolis office this week for the bi-monthly user group. Attendees shared updates and announcements including job opportunities at their respective companies. The user group event continues to be a great opportunity for networking within this tight community. Also discussed were upcoming Oracle Marketing Cloud events including the Modern Marketing Mashup in Minneapolis (we’ll be there!) and the Modern Marketing Experience customer conference in London (we’ll be there, too!). Carol Mendenhall of Thomson Reuters presented her experience with selecting a solution for optimizing lead capture at events. The Tax and Accounting division at TR does 800+ events annually! Attendees learned how the division’s previous state of anecdotal event attribution will be improved with the roll-out of Relationship One’s Lead Capture App, a free app that submits business card captured data into Eloqua quickly and easily. We look forward to hearing the results, Carol! Erin Rowles of Relationship One presented tips and tricks for deploying event campaigns in Eloqua. We covered the gamut of executional options including the Campaign Canvas and the Event Module, learning gotchas and inside secrets along the way! Also presented were options for organizing and tracking event attendee data with a demo of External Activities. Activities that are not natively seen by Eloqua (like a contact that attended a demo) can be tracked for use in Eloqua campaign reporting using the External Activities function. In addition, this activity can be passed to CRM as campaign-related data. The feedback we received on the presenters and content was all positive. We love to hear that! For many, it seemed that the focus on event campaigns was very timely. […]

3 Reasons Marketers Should Attend a Tableau User Group

By |July 27th, 2015|Blog, User Groups|

I have a secret to share with all you marketing geeks out there…I know where all the cool marketers hang out! I spotted them one day when I was sitting in the back of a packed room full of analytics geeks, data science nerds, tech-savvy project managers, sales executives, and even a CEO or two. What were these marketers here to learn? Why were they here? And how are they so darn cool? I have the answer! They were participating in a local Tableau User Group. What is Tableau, you ask? It is business intelligence software that is sweeping the analytics world off its feet. All the best marketers gather at these local Tableau User Groups to tackle awesome data challenges, including marketing, sales, and social media analytics. Listening through multiple use cases, Tableau best practices and expert tips and tricks, these marketers have access to the best and brightest Tableau experts in the room. Everyone who has tried to analyze marketing data has felt overwhelmed: complex data sources, time-consuming manual data merges, searching for insights with pivot tables and archaic excel charts, etc. It can be daunting. This is why marketers turn to Tableau and why the Tableau User Groups exist! […]

Twin Cities Oracle Marketing Cloud User Group – June 23, 2015

By |June 24th, 2015|Blog, Eloqua, User Groups|

Twin Cities Oracle Marketing Cloud users met in Minneapolis this week to learn about incorporating a tele-qualification strategy in their demand generation and customer retention campaigns. The presentations were followed by a networking happy hour sponsored by OppSource (thanks!). Attendees heard Mark Galloway, Co-founder and CEO of OppSource, present on best practices for a lead qualification process prior to sales hand-off. An interesting take-away: OppSource’s data shows that a lead is one hundred times more likely to purchase if sales follows up within five minutes of the inquiry. This is when I turned to my business developers in the room and nodded to be sure they knew that I heard that statement. #SLA Judy Jossi of Slice Consulting and Amy Anderson, Senior Oracle Marketing Cloud Consultant at Relationship One, presented a case study on Red Wing Shoes’ use of tele-qualification in several multi-channel campaigns. Judy was kind enough to share the details of what has worked, what hasn’t worked, and what they’re still testing. “We measure the performance of each tactic but we also use use call data to inform other decisions like PPC and email deploy timeframes,” said Judy, “My motto: test, test, test.” Amy explained how Red Wing Shoes has leveraged the robust capabilities of Oracle Eloqua to automate these ever-green multi-step, multi-team member campaigns. […]

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