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VidyardIf your marketing team is anything like ours here at Vidyard, they’re constantly thinking about new ways to generate more qualified leads, more pipeline and more revenue for your business. Shares and Visitors and Likes won’t cut it. It’s time to get serious about finding the right buyers at the right time and hooking them into your story. And if your marketing team really (truly) cares about producing better outcomes, they’re even thinking about new ways to help your sales team be more efficient and effective (do I smell Sales and Marketing Alignment?!?).

While I don’t have all the answers for you, I do have some very practical ideas that you can implement to generate better results, cook up some more pipeline and maybe even close a few more deals. Warning: it will require some creative thinking and a commitment to getting serious about data-driven marketing, but I have faith that you can pull this off. So here it goes: my list of five great ways to use video content and viewer analytics to generate more leads and qualify more pipeline. Let’s Play!

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video marketingIn the first part of my blog series on video marketing, I threw out a lot of stats as to why videos should be incorporated into your marketing efforts. The proof is in the pudding. It works! That said, not ALL videos are stellar. I’m sure you’ve experienced many a “Bueller…Bueller…Buelller…” moment watching a video or two or eight thousand.

My experience has taught me many lessons. Here’s my two cents on what doesn’t work.

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video marketingAccording to Cisco, by 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic (source). Take a moment to let that process.

Two-thirds of all consumer internet traffic will be video content. Two-thirds. That means YouTube, Facebook videos, live streamers, etc. Instead of reading your emails or your content-rich website, your audience will be watching video reviews and commentary, live web series, cat videos, sports highlights, and more cat videos.

So, what are you doing in the world of video to promote your products and services? Your own cat videos don’t count.

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Eloqua Experience 2013 was the biggest get together of modern marketers yet! At the Relationship One booth, we presented the video loop with announcements of new service and product offerings including our performance analytics solutions, Quosity, our new AppCloud, and enhance Eloqua integration with our Revenue Integrator Cloud solution. If you would like to have a demo of any of our new services or products, please contact us.

Check out Episode 1 of Modern Mark’s Journey to Modern Marketing, to find out how he has introduced a Targeting strategy to reveal the most likely revenue generating opportunities. Focused on using data to build the right prospect profiles to support delivery of messaging based on value and relevance, Modern Mark’s team now has a launch pad for amazingly effective lead routing, scoring, and nurturing efforts.

What metrics matter for marketers? What analysis drives action? This panel at Eloqua Experience 2009 includes Tom Miller, VP Solutions Marketing for ADP, Chris Boorman, CMO of Informatica and Drew Clark, VP Americas Marketing for Cognos, and explores what marketing executives are doing to benchmark and improve marketing effectiveness. Moderated by Eloqua’s Paul Teshima, SVP Customer Strategy & Success.

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In a panel moderated by Roy Young of Marketing Profs, some of today’s top marketing leaders discuss the future. How is the marketing game changing? How do you organize for success? And what do CMOs love most about what they do? Included on the panel: David Milam, CMO and EVP at McAfee; Stuart Itkin, CMO-Corporate Executive Board; John Graff, CMO of National Instruments; and Dario Priolo, CMO of Profiles International.

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In his keynote address at the Eloqua Experience conference, Eloqua CTO and co-founder Steve Woods looks at the big changes in how buyers are buying, and how marketers can understand and reach them. Steve explores social media, marketing analysis and business trends and offers up plenty of stories that illustrate how the marketer’s world has changed.

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Laura Ramos of Forrester Research talks about the enormous pressure marketers face to reach decision-makers, justify spending and deliver high-quality leads to an increasingly dissatisfied sales organization. Laura addresses how marketing organizations must transform themselves. We’ve added the video series below of Laura’s discussion.


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