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4 Steps to Sourcing Customers for Amazing User-Generated Content

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In the new business-to-human (B2H) era of marketing, user-generated content (UGC) allows B2B companies to produce word-of-mouth marketing at scale. Your customers can now have a personal conversation with prospects using language that speaks directly to their real-world use cases of your products and services. And [...]

26 Years Later: Why Geoffrey Moore’s ‘Crossing The Chasm’ Is More Relevant Than Ever

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In August of 1991, two important events altered the technology field forever: The world wide web blinked into public existence. Geoffrey Moore published Crossing the Chasm—which would become the “the bible for entrepreneurial marketing” for the next 26 years. In Crossing the Chasm, Geoffrey outlined the ways disruptive [...]

4 Oracle Content Marketing Apps to help you Crush It in Content Management

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If you’re reading this, you’re probably familiar with the concept of content management and you may even have experience with a content management tool like Oracle Content Marketing (formerly known as Compendium). For anyone new to the topic, content management is exactly what it sounds [...]