5 Data Points That You Already Have That You Are Not Effectively Using in Email Marketing. #3 Will Probably Surprise You

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1. Geo-location/Time Zone– Use the person’s address to determine what time to send emails and what campaigns to send. Most email marketers have a platform for sending email campaigns. Those platforms offer various functions that center around the timing of when you send an email, normally [...]

Not Just Another Marketing Tech Stack

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The approach marketers used to take was to use one tool per function. For example, they’d use one tool, such as Adobe or SiteCore, for Web content management. They would then use another tool for email marketing, and another for marketing automation and yet another for Web personalization, Web [...]

Using Data To Transform The Experience

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To improve customer experiences, brands are increasingly turning to data to give them insights and direction. Some of the benefits include helping brands personalize the customer experience. This creates a more enjoyable and memorable moment for customers. In return, they can become repeat customers. Plus, they may [...]