How To Create Harmony Between Account-Based Marketing and Demand Generation

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Both inbound and traditional demand generation have served us well. But, like any strategy, there comes a point when you’re seemingly maxed out. You’ve saturated the market, exhausted your content syndicators’ lists, and you start to see diminishing returns. That’s why account-based marketing has come [...]

Account-Based Marketing Is No Longer A Buzzword

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A few years ago, the debate began about whether or not account-based marketing (ABM) was a legitimate strategy or passing trend. And, the debate continues even after account-based marketing has delivered specific results for B2B companies. As more companies are looking to target specific groups of people, ABM has [...]

Inspired Marketing: Intel’s Rob Woods and Rashmi Nath on Improving Your Marketing Stack

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Rob Woods, Marketing Automation Enablement Manager, and Rashmi Nath, Marketing Automation Capabilities Manager sat down with us to talk Intel's marketing stack. About a year ago, they set out to figure out what was missing among their marketing strategies and platforms, and what holes were most [...]

Inspired Marketing: Plex’s Jennifer Pockell Dimas on Account-Based Marketing Strategies

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Jennifer Pockell Dimas, VP of Marketing and Business Operations at Plex, has spent much of her career in account-based marketing. She brought her learnings to Plex and spent the beginning stages creating an integrated system between sales and marketing - something she highly recommends. Years [...]