Sales Enablement Best Practices

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Sales Enablement is the process used to help sales improve the lead management process and ultimately assist in the achievement of sales. It should be thought of as a strategic ongoing process to assist in sales execution. Often times we hear the sales & marketing [...]

Customer-Powered Success: Why Advocates Play a Crucial Role in the Post-Sale Journey

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Modern B2B enterprises must provide a flawless post-sale customers experience to drive high customer satisfaction and growth.  “Instead of only focusing on internal metrics like churn, retention, and NPS,” says Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight, “the most sophisticated companies are looking from the outside in, starting [...]

4 Simple Steps to Start Lead Scoring

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Imagine this: You’re the marketing manager for a mid-market or enterprise-level business, and you’re facing the daunting task of presenting the results of your team’s lead generation efforts for the past year. What tool in your marketing arsenal will best prepare you? You guessed it: [...]