Use Data to Create a Better Customer Email Experience

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Personalization – the science of creating highly relevant emails that are as close to one-to-one messages as you can get at scale – is an email marketer’s goal and the toughest challenge. Personalization is the most effective email tactic for 62% of email marketers who participated in a [...]

Oracle Eloqua Segmentation

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Oracle Eloqua‘s segmentation functionality allows marketers to target audiences based on behavior, personal data, or company information. Once a segment is in place, it can be leveraged to define campaign membership, reporting, and even scheduled data exports. Learning the ins and outs of segmentation can [...]

Customer-Powered Product Development: How to Create Better Products & Increase Demand

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Not hitting your product adoption targets? It could be that you haven’t achieved product-market fit—something that “80% of companies never achieve.” In my experience, most companies rely on time-consuming outreach to validate their products and gather customer feedback. Or, they send out impersonal email surveys that [...]

7 Steps For Taking Your Organization From Customer-Centric To Customer-Powered

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If you work in B2B, then you probably hear the terms “customer-obsessed,” “customer-centric,” and even “customer-powered” used interchangeably on a day-to-day basis. Rather than merely being buzzwords, the increased usage of this kind of language is a sign of how companies are shifting their priorities [...]