Customer Success Story: PerkinElmer

Customer Success Story: PerkinElmer

PerkinElmer Uses Marketing Automation To Improve Data Integrity and Optimize Campaigns

After PerkinElmer went through multiple acquisitions, their marketing team was left with a surplus of marketing platforms and a lack of understanding for most of them. Richard Flaherty, Global Director of Marketing Technology and Analytics, recognized a need to trim the marketing stack and automate processes for saved time and money.

Once Oracle Eloqua was introduced to the team, PerkinElmer’s marketing stack was reduced to the essentials. These essentials helped automate 99% of campaign efforts, allowing the marketing team to focus time into lead nurturing strategy. More time and more money for new efforts led to massive successes!

“With Oracle Eloqua, we can be much more targeted and create better customer journeys. We’re looking forward to developing all of this.” – Richard Flaherty, PerkinEmer


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