The Importance of Being Responsive on Mobile

The Importance of Being Responsive on Mobile

Data. Logic. Presentation.

These are three words all marketers are familiar with. These three words are most often applied when creating your marketing strategy. Ideally, data drives the logic which leads to nice looking visuals which in turn is presented to upper management for approval.

However, the modern marketer needs to ensure that these same three words that influenced their strategy are also woven into their execution, especially when it comes to emails and landing pages. I believe making your emails and landing pages responsive is one of the keys to winning over your customers.

For those who may be unaware, at its core, Responsive Design is when the code of the email or landing page allows for a clean viewing experience no matter what size device it is being viewed on. Unfortunately, some marketers still only design their landing pages and emails for desktops. You may be thinking that you do not have time to add to your process to ensure everything is viewable on all devices. Perhaps, you do not believe your consumer is one who reads most of their email on a mobile device.

Well, according to the 2016 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study, conducted by IBM Marketing Cloud, 49% of emails throughout the world are read on mobile devices, some regions are even higher. Additionally, 53% of all emails tracked in the study were classified with a “read rate” as read (defined as 8 seconds or longer).

Beyond the IBM study, Litmus issued their State of Email Report in March of this year.  The following statistics jump off the page (bolding for emphasis):

  • Mobile unfriendliness is a major cause of both spam complaints and opt-outs. 51% of consumers have unsubscribed from a brand’s emails because their emails or website didn’t display or work well on their smartphone.
  • 43% of consumers have marked promotional emails from a brand as spam because the emails didn’t display or work well on their smartphone.
  • While responsive design isn’t supported everywhere, it’s quickly becoming the default. Since Gmail moved to support responsive design in 2016, over 75% of all email clients now support it, making it the perfect time to add the technique into your arsenal.

So clearly the data tell us that Responsive Design is the way to go to help provide the best user experience for your customers.

Logic tells us that if they do not mark the email as spam, my metrics will go up because of opens and clicks. Well, not so fast, the email is only half the battle. If what they click through to a landing page and it is not responsive, you will lose them. Emails and Landing pages in tandem have to provide a clean user experience on mobile devices to retain the attention of your customers and prospects.

Presentation is the result of good responsive design. Think of it as being at a restaurant. We eat with our eyes first. Same principle here when it comes your emails and landing pages on mobile devices. If it looks visually appealing (presented well) then your end user is more likely to read and hopefully click through your email.

Data. Logic. Presentation.

If you have Eloqua and you need support with email strategy or building emails, please contact us!  We love helping companies transform their marketing automation.

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