Inspired Marketing: Cisco’s Jeanne Quinn and Kelsi Doran on Digitizing the Customer Experience

Inspired Marketing: Cisco’s Jeanne Quinn and Kelsi Doran on Digitizing the Customer Experience

Upgrading the way they “did marketing” led Jeanne Quinn, Senior Manager, and Kelsi Doran, Strategy and Operations Lead, to great success with the Omnichannel department of Cisco. Using an agile approach and starting with what was in front of them helped the team create a plan for an improved customer experience. Learn more about their efforts and some outstanding results!

Tune in and Get Inspired to:

  • Think of customers as an extension of your organization
  • Clean out old, outdated content on your site
  • Create an always-on, personalized experience
  • Reach 175% of your goals…. yeah, seriously
  • Avoid “boiling the ocean”

Key Takeaways:

 [:40] Who is Jeanne and what does she do for Cisco?
 [1:25] Who is Kelsi and what does she do for Cisco?
 [1:50] How did this partner experience project first get started?
 [4:45] What results have Jeanne and Kelsi seen so far?
 [6:55] How did Jeanne and Kelsi tackle and start on a project like this?
 [9:55] What would Jeanne and Kelsi do differently, knowing what they know now?
 [14:35] What’s next for Jeanne and Kelsi?
 [18:05] What inspires Jeanne and Kelsi?

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