Inspired Marketing: Cisco’s JoAnn Tillman on Developing Their Partner News Hub Platform

Inspired Marketing: Cisco’s JoAnn Tillman on Developing Their Partner News Hub Platform

JoAnn Tillman is the Partner Omnichannel Strategy Lead with Cisco’s Global Partner Marketing group that drives the strategy for marketing to, with, and through more than 60,000 partners worldwide. Keeping these partners informed of the latest news and resources is no small task with information living on multiple domains and tools across Cisco.  Establishment of their Partner News Hubs helped to solve for this challenge by creating audience-based news aggregator sites to help keep partners informed. JoAnn shares some of her wins and some unanticipated successes that came out of that initiative, in this week’s episode.

Tune in and Get Inspired to:

  • Reduce email volume while improving relevance
  • Increase content engagement
  • Learn the benefits of an audience first approach to content management
  • Shift from a push to pull strategy for ongoing communications

Key Takeaways:

[:40] Who is JoAnn and what does she do for Cisco?
[2:20] JoAnn and her team recently won an award for their partner news hubs. JoAnn shares what their partner news hubs are and why they’re different.
[4:10] What results has JoAnn seen so far with the implementation of their partner news hubs?
[6:15] What problem were JoAnn and her team originally trying to solve for?
[10:00] What were some of the challenges JoAnn ran into while trying to execute this project?
[12:45] JoAnn shares some of her big wins and unanticipated successes.
[16:00] What’s next for JoAnn and her team?
[19:30] What inspires JoAnn?


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