Inspired Marketing: Optum’s Ryan Coats on Running Towards the Fire

Inspired Marketing: Optum’s Ryan Coats on Running Towards the Fire

Industry leaders using the Oracle Marketing Cloud continue to inspire with our latest podcast. Guest Ryan Coats from Optum visited the Inspired Marketing podcast to talk about leading his marketing team to receive the “Living our Values Award” from United Health, their parent company. With his unique experience in marketing automation and social campaigns in the healthcare industry, Ryan inspires with stories about taking risks and nurturing relationships.

Get inspired to:

  • Keep your company’s mission in mind
  • Create and use RAD reporting and 5-in-5 social campaigns
  • Communicate and celebrate wins internally
  • Rise to the challenges of quality and perfection required in marketing today, especially in healthcare
  • Make your own list of marketers leaders to follow for inspiration

The Inspired Marketing podcast is produced by Relationship One. Our goal is to share real experiences and inspirational stories of marketing leaders that are transforming their organization using the Oracle Marketing Cloud.

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