Inspired Marketing: Optum’s Ryan Coats on Evolving into a Digital Marketing Powerhouse

Inspired Marketing: Optum’s Ryan Coats on Evolving into a Digital Marketing Powerhouse

More than two years ago, we sat down with Ryan Coats to talk about “running towards the fire” when it came to taking marketing risks at Optum. Fast forward to today and Ryan is now the Vice President of Digital Experiences and Demand Generation, leading a much larger team and working in a vastly different marketing environment. Thanks to a changing technology landscape, the organization has transformed to focus on all things digital, and has dedicated its efforts to an attribution model that proves “marketing actually makes a difference”. You’re going to be amazed with this story of transformation.

Tune in and Get Inspired To:

  • Find metrics that can influence your C-Suite
  • Hit the bullseye on your Archer’s Target
  • Treat customers like partners
  • Create your own luck
  • Value societal good as much as revenue

Key Takeaways:

[1:35] Who is Ryan and what does he do for Optum?[5:30] Ryan shares a metrics framework he really likes to reference.[7:25] Ryan explains the model he uses to track how marketing DOES make a difference.[11:05] What role does Ryan play as the Vice President of ‘Digital Experience’?[12:45] How has Ryan been able to grow in his career so quickly over a two year period?[16:20] What has Ryan learned about managing people as he’s grown higher and higher in his career?[19:15] How does Ryan inspire his team to improve themselves?[26:15] What’s next for Ryan?[30:35] Ryan ends with what he’s grateful for this year.

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