Inspired Marketing: PwC’s Paul Dunay on Creating Account-Based Marketing Reports

Inspired Marketing: PwC’s Paul Dunay on Creating Account-Based Marketing Reports

Paul Dunay is the Financial Services & U.S. Brexit Marketing Leader at PwC. His unique role has pushed him to explore the question many Sales people ask – what is happening with my accounts? With the help of his team, Paul was able to create an insight report that gave them a deeper look into important accounts. It’s possible for your team too, with help from Oracle Eloqua. Listen up!

Pop in your headphones and get inspired to:

  • Accelerate your path to ROI with an account-based approach
  • Identify key themes within client accounts
  • Utilize Oracle Eloqua Profiler
  • Find out who is really consuming your content
  • Value your Center of Excellence

Key Takeaways:

[:50] Who is Paul, and what does he do at PwC?
[2:00] Paul started an account-based report for PwC. What is that exactly, and why did Paul incorporate it into the company?
[4:55] Paul explains why it’s not that easy to create an account-based report in marketing automation.
[7:15] How is this report being used in the business today?
[10:15] Getting the attention of your customer is incredibly difficult these days. It’s no secret our customers are bombarded.
[12:15] How was Paul able to get an ROI on this report?
[13:35] How did Paul begin to develop this project? What were some of the key steps?
[15:45] What would have Paul done differently?
[17:05] What kind of tools did Paul use to make this report a success?
[18:40] What’s next for Paul and PwC?
[21:50] What types of apps can Paul not live without?
[23:35] What inspires Paul?

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