Modern Customer Experience 2017: What Got Us Inspired

Modern Customer Experience 2017: What Got Us Inspired

Well, the laundry has been washed, the jet-lag has worn off and my family is back to their normal routine….buuut the excitement of the Modern Customer Experience remains for me!

Given our laser focus on the Oracle Marketing Cloud, this event is a really big deal for us. We spent countless hours of planning, it’s almost hard to believe how quickly the week goes. For those who were not able to attend this year, I wanted to share some of my personal event highlights with you.

Markie Awards
This year Oracle brought back the plated dinner to accompany the Markie Awards. The Markie’s are the premier awards given out in the MarTech/AdTech space. Having a formal dinner while you get to celebrate with the winners is a wonderful combination. The food was fantastic. People were dressed in their formal attire. The winners were ecstatic (many of whom are Relationship One clients). The only thing that would have made this year’s award ceremony better is if Denzel and Clooney had showed up! Congrats to all the nominees and the winners. And, congrats to Oracle for an excellent evening of celebration.

Keynote sessions are either huge hits or train wrecks. There never seems to be much in between. This year, Modern Customer Experience was firing on all cylinders. I greatly appreciated the presentation from Mark Hurd. I’ve heard Mark speak numerous times in the past and have to say, this is the best I’ve ever heard from him. It was poignant, funny and filled with wonderful insight into what’s on the mind of business leaders and where the tech industry is going.

I also loved the keynote with Laura Ipsen (SVP of Oracle Marketing Cloud, Elissa Fink (CMO, Tableau Software), and Kristen O’Hara (CMO, Time Warner). Three inspiring women who are really really really amazing at what they do. Check out the highlight video.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Sir Robert Swan
I know I just talked about the Keynote sessions and these two gentlemen were part of the keynotes. But, I wanted to specifically highlight these two presentations. Both Joseph Gorden-Levitt, and Sir Robert Swan both brought down the house….Robert Swan actually got a standing ovation from the entire crowd. Simply fantastic stuff.

Exhibit Hall
Really? The exhibit hall? Isn’t that just the place where people are trying to get you to buy stuff? Let me explain. I like to think of the exhibit hall as the place to learn about what is cutting edge and talk to people who can help you overcome challenging situations. The organizations who exhibit at the event have a deep passion for helping marketers do amazing things. For me, it’s a place to connect with old friends and keep my finger on the pulse of the industry. I always love going around to the booths of any conference I’m at to check out the latest and greatest. My kids really love the blinking glasses I bring home for them too!

theCUBE interviews
A few years ago, Oracle started doing live streaming video interviews at the event. It was a great move and I was very happy to see it again. The videos are done very well and they interview a variety of Oracle leadership and outside experts. If you missed theCUBE videos, you can watch them here. The content is first-rate.

For Relationship One, the Modern Customer Experience is the one time a year that we get to reconnect with many of our clients all at once. Usually, the first time the exhibit hall is open, our booth is packed with R1 clients stopping by to say hello. This year was no different. We love our clients. We love getting to see them face-to-face. We love cheering for them during the Markies. We love attending their sessions to hear about the work they’re doing. We love having dinner with them. Half of the value of this event is that it’s a week of perpetual hanging out with our clients. I got to say “hi” to many of our clients. If we missed you for some reason, we apologize. Feel free to reach out now. Let’s connect!

Our Magazine
This one is super self-serving, I’ll admit it. But, It’s something we are really proud of. Because we love our clients so much, last year at MCX16, we introduced a podcast called Inspired Marketing. This podcast shares stories of how the best marketers in the world are using OMC products to revolutionize their marketing efforts. This year, for MCX17, we took this concept into “Phase 2” by putting out an Inspired Marketing Magazine. It turned out really well and highlights the stories of how 6 of our clients are winning the modern marketing game. If you didn’t get a copy, you can read the digital version, or reach out and we will make sure you get a physical copy.

Lunch and Learn with Ron Corbisier

Well there you have it. The Modern Customer Experience is a wrap but the momentum lives on. If you were able to attend, I think you will agree that it was an excellent event. If you weren’t able to make it, hopefully you can experience it vicariously through Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, and blogs. We hope to see you next year!

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