What is Oracle Eloqua’s Engage?

What is Oracle Eloqua’s Engage?

Oracle Eloqua Engage is a simple way to put the power of controlled messaging in your sales representatives’ hands. Part of Oracle Eloqua Sales Tools, Engage is an add-on that allows sales reps to send quick, personalized messages from anywhere. Engage helps streamline the customer communication and follow-up process: Reps simply choose from a folder of pre-built marketing templates that can be customized to meet their needs.

Key Benefits & Features:

  • Accessible from the Web, iPad, Eloqua, and CRM
  • Uses responsive design
  • Extremely simple to deploy and use
  • Allows you to maintain brand consistency with marketing templates, locking down the look and feel while making selected areas editable
  • Can be used with personalized sales signatures
  • Sends and responses are easy to track with Insight reports
  • Increases sales productivity and cuts down on time sending manual emails
  • Emails sent through Engage are captured in CRM and Oracle Eloqua
  • Reps can edit and resave their own versions, even share with other reps


Here’s a quick tutorial!

Step 1 – Marketing-created emails are saved as templates in a designated folder, making them accessible to all sales users with an Engage license.  Oracle Eloqua Engage

Step 2 – Select a template and personalize it.

Oracle Eloqua Engage


Step 3 – Select the recipients by manually typing in emails or uploading a list. If allowed by system administrators, new contacts can even be automatically added to Eloqua!

Step 4 – Hit Send.

Step 5 – Sales can manage the replies, and marketing can watch the metrics roll in.

Oracle Eloqua Engage


Simple, right? For more information about Engage, or for assistance implementing and supporting Engage, please contact us!

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