Shout-out to Oracle Marketing Cloud User Groups

Shout-out to Oracle Marketing Cloud User Groups

Technology-based user groups have been around for years, but many lack the structure to positively impact changes for their members. When Oracle leveraged their online customer community, Topliners, to support the promotion and collaboration amongst users, the Oracle Marketing Cloud user groups became a great resource for marketing professionals that use their products.

Since this shift, OMC user groups have popped up all over the world. Some are planned by Oracle Account Directors, some by partners and others are completely led by users. As a user, I started the Southern California (SoCal) Oracle Marketing Cloud user group to learn and engage with professionals with the same skillset. At the time, I was the super-user at my company and I really needed to bounce technical ideas around experienced users. We learned so much from each other. We made one another better in our marketing roles.

It’s been two years since the SoCal Oracle Marketing Cloud user group started and we are still going strong! I have since transitioned to my current position as a consultant with Relationship One, helping organizations to strategically maximize their use of Oracle Marketing Cloud platforms. One major perk to my job as a consultant is being able to interact with other OMC user groups beyond Southern California, including Seattle and San Diego. The members are truly committed to the group. Some have extended their offices to host the monthly meetings and together, we have shared best practices and discussed strategies that we are using on a daily basis to improve our work performance and make a larger marketing impact for our respective organizations.

As a seasoned user and user group planner, here are my top reasons to get involved in an Oracle Marketing Cloud user group:

Be around people that “get it”

Marketing Automation has been around for a few years now, but it is still a fairly new concept for many organizations. Being around the people that “get it” decreases your learning curve. You can get advice from professionals that have already implemented the programs and process that you may be starting. They’ll tell you how to get it done and what difficulties you may encounter.

Get your concerns heard

Usually when a company launches a new update or changes policies, customers are at the mercy of those changes. But, Oracle has displayed on many occasions that they listen to their customers by extending deadlines and providing training and software support.

The meeting topics are focused on the customers’ needs

Each meeting is strictly a learning environment and meeting topics are voted on by the group. In some cases, group members present on the topic, and in other cases, guest speakers are scheduled, such as Oracle product specialists or integration partners.

It’s better than calling support

Who likes to call support? As a user group member, you develop relationships with professionals that are skilled in a variety of things. Members email each other for advice all the time. Who doesn’t like great advice and tips from people that have done it already?

The network of Oracle Marketing Cloud user groups is growing and is accessible to all customers whether they are using Eloqua, Responsys, BlueKai DMP, Compedium or Maxymiser. Marketing professionals looking at any of these products can attend a user group to better understand use-cases and the local support available to them.

Relationship One runs the user groups in the Twin Cities, Chicago, Boston, Raleigh, Southern California, Salt Lake City, and newly added, Los Angeles. If you’re interested in attending a user group event in one of these areas, visit us online.

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At Relationship One, we empower organizations to modernize their marketing through strategy, technology and data. With a core staff of experienced marketing consultants, integration specialists, data analysts and development gurus, we have a well-respected track record for delivering solutions that meet our customers’ unique business needs.

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