Considerations for Structuring Your Marketing Organization

Considerations for Structuring Your Marketing Organization

Is your team able to keep up with the demands of the always on digital world?  Do you feel your organizational structure and approaches are holding you back?  Maybe it’s time to find a better way to support the business, deliver on goals, and serve growing customer expectations.  Before you re-draw the org chart, there are are a few key factors to consider to better enable your teams, drive revenue, and delight customers.

Remove silos

To best serve customers, organizations need to break down the functional silos that have kept marketing separated from other areas. No longer can data or technology be isolated, marketing organizations need a unified view of the customer and be able to pivot between channels.  Isolating marketing teams by product, or line of business, isn’t an effective or efficient practice in today’s digital world.

Create alignment

Successful marketing organizations have a clear purpose, are unified by a common set of goals, and make data driven decisions.  Shared KPIs and a set cadence for measurement support alignment and collaboration within the team, and across the organization.  Proper alignment doesn’t just happen, it starts at the executive level with defined plans and clear lines of ownership to support the orchestration of those plans.

Foster collaboration

Strong internal and external collaboration is vital for marketing organizations.  When a team has the ability to be fluid and dynamically leverage its capabilities, it is better able to meet the needs of the business.  Collaboration across the organization is also a necessity and should extend beyond marketing and sales alignment.  Marketing and IT need to collaborate to optimize systems and data.  Marketing and customer support should share insights and work to drive loyalty and advocacy.

Be agile

The ability to adapt and respond to changing customer and business needs requires a marketing organization to be agile.  Just following agile practices is not enough, a cultural shift also needs to occur.  Acceptance of risk and delegation of decisions is required in an agile approach.  Organizations with the ability to react quickly and drive continuous improvements can gain a competitive advantage over competitors who move too slow to engage their customers.

Rethink the team

It’s no secret the changing technology landscape, and number of channels customers use to engage companies is forcing marketing organizations to market differently.  These changes require specific resources and expertise, and along with new way of working together.  To help determine the ideal structure, organizations should start by taking a look at the roles and responsibilities necessary to support key functions and core areas of marketing in the digital age.  Once these are identified, the next step is to think about who the right people are to fill those roles.  Do you have the talent in house today or do you need to hire, train or outsource? Once you understand the roles and responsibilities, you can determine the right model for the business, and properly source and staff the team.

Wanting to change is just the first step in the process to modernizing the marketing organization.  Planning and executing the change will take considerable effort as well, requiring a thoughtful, systematic approach to the process.  Doing your homework, communicating the need and getting buy in from senior leadership will help start you on the way.  If you have any questions or comments be sure to write below or contact us.

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Tracy Milligan has over 10 years of experience in marketing operations and demand generation strategy. Not to mention many years of hands on work in Oracle Eloqua. As a Strategic Marketing Cloud Consultant Tracy enjoys helping customers understand and implement marketing automation best practices to realize their business goals. Outside of work you will find Tracy cheering on her daughter at the soccer field, trying new recipes in the kitchen or working on her green thumb.

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