10 Gifts Eloqua Marketers Can Give to Sales

10 Gifts Eloqua Marketers Can Give to Sales

We’re in the midst of the holiday season for many around the world. It’s a time for celebrating milestones from the past year, spending time family and friends, sending gratitude to those that have contributed positively to your life and, most importantly, PRESENTS!!!

What? Presents a priority? Okay okay, maybe not. But, presents are pretty great and if you’re like me, you enjoy watching people open your gifts exponentially more than receiving gifts. A look of surprise, a joyful smile, or feeling special, that’s my goal for my list of recipients. That list includes my family, friends, neighbors and co-workers (work fam).

One special group of people in my work family is the sales organization. I talk to them every day, more than my actual family sometimes. So, of course they’re on my list!

Now, what to give them? A Hatchimal? I called Target, they’re out of stock, everywhere. A book? No, they’re too busy closing deals. A nice bejeweled frame with my picture? Bad idea. Hmmm…What to do? What can I do to make them smile? Hold the phone. I know what makes sales people smile. Money!

Alright good. Now, how can I give them money without actually sending them dollar bills because that would be weird. I know…I’ve got Oracle Eloqua! (insert fake, pretentious, awkward laugh) Alright, let’s make a list of things I (and you) can do with Oracle Eloqua that will help your sales team make more money.

  1. Real-time Web Visitor Notifications – Set up email alerts for sales to be notified when a target prospect or valued customer visits a high-value page on our website.
  2. Weekly Visitor Reports – Set up Insight web visitor reports to be emailed to sales. Give them a list of visitors that are in their territory, when they visited, how long they visited and which paged they visited. This is super helpful when talking to people about what they’re interested in.
  3. Bump Up Lead Scoring – Set up regular cadence with sales team members to get feedback on lead quality. Discuss how lead scoring criteria might change to qualify leads even better. Also, configure CRM to reflect imagery or icons (think flames, red/yellow/green light, money bags) so they get more attention and are more clear as to what they mean.
  4. Win a Markie – Well, that’s more of a gift for me. But here’s my justification. Winning a Markie Award means that I have proven that marketing has done something that influences the bottom line. The bottom line ends with sales. So really, a Markie is a celebration of BOTH marketing and sales. See what I did there? 😉
  5. Deploy Profiler – Profiler is one of Eloqua’s Sales Tools. It presents valuable information about contacts in an easily accessible and data-rich format that can be viewed on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices. With Profiler you are able to view the contact details for a potential client, their activities, their lead score value, and so on.
  6. Install Oracle Eloqua Sales Tools for Chrome – This extension allows sales representatives to view contacts’ profile information from Eloqua, as well as email prospects more efficiently by displaying contact information from Profiler in an easy to access pop-up in your browser.
  7. Review Campaign Successes and Failures with Sales – Implement a campaign recap as part of the overall campaign process. Review what worked, what didn’t work, and brainstorm how to apply those learnings to future efforts.
  8. Send Sales Emails from Eloqua – For campaigns that call for a personalized touch, send emails on sales’ behalf using a Signature Rule and a Signature Layout. A Signature Rule allows for the email to have a dynamic from and reply-to information based on sales ownership or other criteria. A Signature Layout allows for a dynamic signature to be inserted in an email.
  9. Execute a Reengagement Campaign – Work on a campaign that has the objective of awakening (reengaging) contacts that look like an ideal buyer but haven’t engaged in some time. Or, data appenders like Social123 can look at a person’s email address that has bounced in your system and tell you where they are now. If they were a former customer, perhaps they could be a new prospect.
  10. Create a Who’s Hot Dashboard – Export all that valuable contact and activity data out of Eloqua and creative a custom dashboard using Tableau (or visualization tool of your choice) to support sales in knowing should be a priority for their time and attention.

There are many more “gifts” that Eloqua has for sales. These are just a handful of my favorite options. Alternatively,  you may think your sales team deserves a lump of coal. Yep, been there before. 😉

If you have Eloqua and you need support with email strategy or building emails, please contact us!  We love helping companies transform their marketing automation.

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