Case Study: Cummins and Relationship One

Case Study: Cummins and Relationship One

For many modern marketers today, Oracle Eloqua can be the key to success. However, implementing the platform across an entire organization can seem overwhelming and time-consuming.Cummins was faced with the challenge of a global re-org which forced leaders to implement Oracle Eloqua across the enterprise with limited resources available for help.

It’s no surprise that they called the only full-stack, gold partner of the Oracle Marketing Cloud to help, Relationship One. This enterprise-wide deployment and adoption became much more manageable with our help. Upon adoption, they soon began to recognize the power of marketing automation and their digital marketing possibilities became endless. Check out the rest of their story to learn more:

“When we first started this process, there were about a dozen people using the tool within the company, and I think we just passed 120 users. That’s a tenfold increase. I’d say that’s success.” -Chris Block, Cummins




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At Relationship One, we empower organizations to modernize their marketing through strategy, technology and data. With a core staff of experienced marketing consultants, integration specialists, data analysts and development gurus, we have a well-respected track record for delivering solutions that meet our customers’ unique business needs.

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