eBook: A Marketing Geek’s Guide to Oracle Eloqua Custom Objects

eBook: A Marketing Geek’s Guide to Oracle Eloqua Custom Objects

A Marketing Geek’s Guide To: Oracle Eloqua Custom Objects

It’s no secret that even the savviest of modern marketers can struggle with the immensity of Oracle Eloqua. That’s why we’ve pulled together our best marketing geeks to prepare different guides on all things Oracle Eloqua. In this copy, learn more about Custom Objects.

What are Custom Data Objects? Why do modern marketers need to know how to use them? And most importantly, how do you use them? Our experts have you covered in this step-by-step guide. Whether you are going to create CDOs from a form or using the Custom Object Record Upload Wizard, you will leave this eBook feeling a little geeky yourself.

Our team is full of Marketing Geeks. If you find you have an issue, need help with strategy or are looking for support with custom objects, contact us! We love helping companies take their marketing efforts to the next level.

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