Industry Brief: CAN-SPAM, CASL & GDPR

Industry Brief: CAN-SPAM, CASL & GDPR

Your Go-To Guide CAN-SPAM, CASL & GDPR
When it comes to email marketing, CAN-SPAM, CASL & GDPR can be daunting terms. Starting in May of 2018, email marketers need to be much more diligent about their content and opt-out options if they want to avoid hefty fines.
We have prepared an industry brief alongside InboxPros to help you understand and get ahead of these new regulations. Your Go-To Guide to CAN-SPAM, CASL & GDPR will break down each term and define the rules and regulations around each aspect so you know what to include and avoid in your email marketing efforts. Get prepared!

Disclaimer: We love email automation, all things marketing, and especially the Oracle Marketing Cloud, but we are not attorneys. Please consult with your legal team regarding your specific situation. This is only a guide to get you started.

If you like what you see here, be watching for more! Our calendar has a few more pieces like this coming up.

Finally, our team is full of Marketing Geeks. If you find you have an issue, need help with strategy or are looking for support with your marketing automation, contact us! We love helping companies take their marketing efforts to the next level.




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