Maximizing Your Sales Enablement Tools

Maximizing Your Sales Enablement Tools

Sales Enablement tools such as Profiler and Engage help sales organizations improve the lead management process and support the achievement of sales. Today, we’d like to share with you a few use cases of how these tools come in handy to help your sales team learn more and better communicate with their customers.

One great use case for Engage is creating rep templates to support marketing campaigns. Clients can create and launch a nurture campaign from Eloqua and then have branded matching templates available for sales reps to use with post-campaign follow up tactics. These templates can have a similar look and feel to match the campaign, yet contain personalized one-on-one content that can be sent directly from a rep to a customer as part of the lead management process. Many of our clients are using this method post-campaign to reach out with a tailored message to see if there’s interest in the marketing promotion that was received.

With Profiler, one of the most common use cases is to use this tool for researching a prospect or customer’s activity prior to outbound calling. For example, if you have a lead queue containing multiple contacts to follow up on, wouldn’t it be beneficial to your conversation to know everything you can about that person’s recent interests before jumping on the phone? Profiler allows you to review the lead’s demographic info along with all of their marketing over the past several months. You can see what pages they’ve visited on your website and ultimately glean where their more recent interests lie so you can be fully prepared for your follow up calls.

Lastly, a use case that is constant in the sales & marketing world is aligning on the lead management process. To ensure your sales force is fully enabled and equipped with all necessary information to get a sale through the pipeline, it’s of critical importance everyone agrees on and understands the process from lead inception to closed/won. A lead management workshop with sales & marketing management is a great way to come together once a year and ensure the right processes are in place and all participants understand their roles. This meeting can include defining pipeline stage definitions and process, reviewing available sales tools, and agreeing on lead & opportunity management.

We hope these use cases give you some helpful ideas about how to assist in the sales process and work together to ensure teams have a full understanding of available process & technology. Need assistance? We’re always here to help.

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Brenda joined Relationship One in 2014 after spending 5 years in MAT consulting.  Prior to that Brenda managed a global marketing operations team for a software firm and has over 20 years experience in marketing and data management.  She holds a Bachelor's degree in MIS.  When Brenda isn't busy helping Relationship One clients maximize their use of tools and run awesome marketing campaigns, you can find her in the gym, hiking, biking, or playing tennis.

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