Personalization Techniques to Implement in Oracle Eloqua

Personalization Techniques to Implement in Oracle Eloqua

It’s no secret that personalization can enhance the effectiveness of any campaign and help secure better relationships with your audience. You may be asking yourself, “What tools does Oracle Eloqua have available to help me and my team personalize messages? Get them to the right people, and do all of it efficiently?”

There are multiple ways to incorporate personalization techniques in the design and message of the email as well as personalize who each message gets sent to. But before you can use those techniques and tools with any confidence, you have to make sure you have the right contact data available and that the data is clean.

So what is “clean data”? Clean data means your contact records contain up-to-date details about each contact, they have the correct email address entered, and there are not multiple entries with different information for the same person. It also means you’re constantly clearing hard bounces and invalid contacts from your system. This can be difficult, especially with larger databases, but the effort put in to maintaining list health will pay off. We help people with data clean up all the time. If you’re in need of some help, click here and let us know!

When you’re confident your contact records are ready, you can take the first steps into personalization. The most obvious and quickest way to incorporate that unique data is field merges.

Field merges can be set up to pull data from multiple types of data in Oracle Eloqua, including contact and account record fields, custom data object fields, and query strings. For example, you can set up a field merge to populate based on a contact’s address or preferred first name stored in a contact field or custom object field. The only limit is how much data you have previously collected on each contact.

Once the field merge is configured, simply pull the merge into your content as you see fit. Oracle Eloqua allows for merges both in the subject line and email body.

Segmentation is also a simple but powerful tool to help you and your team personalize messages. By using filter criteria — options to filter include contact fields, lead scores, sent and opened emails, campaign participation, and many more — you can easily whittle down the amount of audience members you are sending communications to, allowing you to create more targeted content. In addition to filtering members on single contact fields at a time, you can also configure shared filters that represent a group of attributes each contact must have to be included in the segment.

While a combination of field merges and segmentation usually accomplishes a great deal of personalization, Oracle Eloqua has one more tool that can be useful in creating personalized design elements in your emails.

Creating a piece of dynamic content allows you to determine diverse email designs and content for each contact based on specific data you choose. For example, if you are sending to CEOs in diverse industries, you can create a dynamic content rule that will insert different header images based on a contact’s industry field.

With clean data and carefully planned field merges, segmentation, and dynamic content, the ability to create highly personalized content while still emailing at scale becomes simple and feasible.

Ready to use some of these personalization techniques in your emails but need a little extra support? Let us know! Or maybe you’re already using personalization but need help with data clean up? Tell us about your experience in the comments below or fill out this form and someone will get back to you.

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