Relationship One Welcomes Maxymiser to the Oracle Marketing Cloud

Relationship One Welcomes Maxymiser to the Oracle Marketing Cloud

You’ve probably heard that Oracle purchased the test, target and optimization company Maxymiser, making it the newest offering in the Oracle Marketing Cloud suite. As a gold-certified/purposeful Kool-Aid drinking partner of the Oracle Marketing Cloud, Relationship One is welcoming Maxymiser with open arms. Why? Because the industry-leading platform gives marketers another opportunity to have transformational impact on their company’s bottom line and it adds to the tool belt of the already stacked Oracle Marketing Cloud.

For those of you who already use Maxymiser, here are some dates to be aware of:

  • The Oracle Knowledge Zone for Maxymiser is available now.
  • Operational integration will be complete July 1 which means renewals will be facilitated by Oracle.
  • User support will cutover to Oracle Support in October/early November.
  • Maxymiser marketing content will remain on for another few months.

For those who are unfamiliar with Oracle Maxymiser, read on, the rest of this is for you.

Maxymiser is a marketing technology that allows organizations to provide digital experiences that maximize (pun intended) ROI. It enables marketers to better attain the goals they’re trying to accomplish with their website properties. Reduce bounce rate? Sure. Increase form submissions? You know it. Drive online purchases? Absolutely. Maxymiser has you covered.

As a true “smarketing” geek and long-time digital marketer, the addition of Maxymiser to the Oracle Marketing Cloud family has me excited for many reasons. I am here to share a couple of those reasons with you.

Data-Driven Optimization

Throughout my 15+ year career, there have been many situations where I had a number of digital marketing functions in my purview. In addition to demand generation, online advertising, digital content creation, CRM administration, graphic design, and portal building, I’ve almost always had some connection to the corporate website. At times it was me actually building the website (I’m old enough to remember trying to hack things together using MS FrontPage 98).

In every case, I would do “testing” by sending links to the sandbox to co-workers and friends asking them to tell me what they thought. Occasionally, I would do some A/B testing of landing pages or change up copy to try to improve SEO. Sadly, that was about the extent of our optimization efforts. I would have died for a platform that made it possible to deliver real-time, multivariate testing across a number of different scenarios.

The ability to take my optimization efforts from “my brother likes it” to something that has real data and analytics to help to determine what people actually respond to would have been a game changer. Maxymiser provides such ability.

Easy Yet Powerful

Relationship One cut its Oracle Marketing Cloud teeth by being the best-of-the-best when it comes to Oracle Eloqua. We love Oracle Eloqua around here! One of the things I personally love the most is the ease-of-use coupled with an ability to handle extreme complexity. When I learned how Maxymiser is technically configured, I had the same sentiments.

To get started with Maxymiser, you insert one line of JavaScript into the head tags on your website. From there, you can begin using the platform to insert light boxes, change out content, swap images or test the color of your submit buttons on your call-to-action. In less than five minutes you can go from nothing to full-fledged website optimization. It’s pretty incredible.

Once you get a handle on initial tests, Maxymiser provides you with the ability to expand and grow as the complexity of your testing and optimization use-cases grow. There’s virtually no limit to the number of things you can test including using first, second and third party data to personalize experiences. But wait, you can test that personalized experience first to validate that it’s the right one before making it widely available to everyone? Yes! With Maxymiser you can be confident that your website is performing as best as it possibly can.

Evidence Of Success

A number of our clients are already using Maxymiser to optimize their digital properties. They’re finding great success with the platform. I love hearing stories from our clients about implementing a technology that actually moves the needle for their business. When our clients are successful, we celebrate right along with them. As more people learn about the power of Maxymiser, I know we will be doing even more celebrating down the road.

These are just a few of the reasons why I’m so excited that Maxymiser has joined the Oracle Marketing Cloud family. When all of your digital marketing efforts are coordinated, strategically aligned and optimized to influence ROI goals, amazing things happen.

If you’re curious about how the acquisition of Maxymiser by Oracle impacts your business or if you would like to learn more information about how Maxymiser could work for you, give us shout by leaving a comment below.

For a more in-depth overview of how Maxymiser works, check out this on-demand webinar Relationship One hosted for our customers.

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