Tool Tip: Influitive and Advocacy Marketing

Tool Tip: Influitive and Advocacy Marketing

First, the What:

Influitive is an online marketing platform that builds a community of your biggest supporters. They get rewarded for their advocacy efforts, and you get a customer-driven sales funnel.

Then, the Why:

Marketing and sales are constantly generating leads, but identifying and converting leads from existing customers can be tough to scale up to the enterprise level.  Influitive harnesses the power of word-of-mouth marketing by identifying referral leads and converting them to customers in a fun and engaging way.  Referral leads not only have conversion rates 10 times higher than leads from other sources, but they also have a shorter sales cycle, as prospects hear about your company from trusted peers.

But that’s not all!  Your advocates also act as a strong internal voice to promote cross-sell opportunities and uncover potential revenue from existing business.  Influitive empowers them to provide strong leads, and converting those leads to sales is more streamlined than ever before.

Finally, the How:

Using a simple—and completely customizable—referral process, advocates can easily drive new business and get rewarded along the way.  They get started by entering basic information in your Influitive Hub.  Sales reaches out to make the introduction and highlight their successes.  The advocate is thanked for their lead with points that can be exchanged for a reward.  Once the lead converts to a won deal, the referrer receives additional points.

Each Influitive Hub has a robust catalog of rewards for advocates to choose from.  It can include everything from gift cards and charitable donations, to swag such as branded hoodies or wireless earbuds, to exclusive experiences such as backstage event passes, skydiving and more.  The possibilities are endless.

Influitive has great features that make it easy for advocates to engage.  Gamification makes it fun for advocates to complete challenges within Experiences – activities such as surveys, quizzes, access to content and chances to provide feedback.  Advocates earn points as they complete challenges – they can even earn and unlock badges.

Each Hub homepage features a Leaderboard to highlight the top advocates and encourage others to step it up.  There also are Discussion Forum and Messenger functions so participants can connect with like-minded consumers to share ideas and discuss products and services.

Influitive offers a number of integration possibilities as well.  Leads can be passed to your CRM system for scoring and follow-up.  Oracle Eloqua, Marketo and other marketing automation platforms can be connected so you can send and track emails to your advocates.  Advocates can connect directly from their LinkedIn or other social media accounts, giving you all the background you need to build a relationship with them.

Having a formal platform identifies otherwise unknown referral leads and keeps your advocates continuously engaged, keeping you top of mind and building brand loyalty.

Looking to learn more about Influitive or advocacy marketing? Check out this blog post or contact us for more information.

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